Our photo frame measurements are always manufactured to inches. The cm size is the nearest metric equivalent. This is based on the fact that most standard size photos are in inches

The “Frame Size” is displayed in centimetres (cm) and inches (inch) and refers to internal dimensions of the photo frame which is the glass size. In the table below, the first item on line 1 is a 10x15cm frame (4x6 inch) which is suitable for a photo or image size of 10x15cm (4x6inch). In this table, the “Photo Opening” is blank as the frame does not include a matboard


The “SKU” in the table above refers to our internal product code. This will also appear on our barcode label; if you are looking to match an item in the future, you can locate it by inputting the SKU into the search box at the top right corner of our website

Where an item has a “Frame Size” and a “Photo Opening” – as in the table below - the “Frame Size”, as above, refers to the internal dimensions of the photo frame which is the glass size, whereas the “Photo Opening” refers to the size of the photo or image that can be mounted inside the matboard opening. In the table below, the item on the first line has a “Frame Size” of 40x50cm (16x20inch) with a matboard inside to suit a photo or image size of 25x38cm (10x15inch). If you remove the matboard from the frame, you can also have the option to insert a photo or image 40x50cm (16x20inch)


 An example of the photo frame image below shows visually what we refer to as the “Frame Size” and “Photo Opening”. In this example, the “Frame Size” is 28x35cm (11x14inch) and has a “Photo Opening” to suit a photo of 20x25cm (8x10inch). This suits a portrait image or photo. If the photo frame is turned on its side, it will suit a landscape photo or image