How to Easily Create a Photo Frame Collage Wall Display

Square photo wall frames

We came across a clever and inspirational idea by photographer Kevin Hail who has created a collage photo frame display using square timber photo frames.

By inserting instagram photos into the frames, it creates a unique effect where the photo frames is surrounded by a black border (created using the instagram software) and offset against the white matboard border.

If you would like to recreate this photo collage frame concept in your home, then you can buy photo frames online from Profile Australia. Our popular range of square wooden photo frames such as our Deluxe Black photo frame or Deluxe White photo frames are shown below are can be purchased by clicking on the individual images

Black square photo frames white square photo frames

You can print your square photos at stores in Sydney like Paxton’s Camera Video Digital or online via www.justphotos.com.au and your square photo’s can be enlarged from the standard size of 4x4inch (10x10cm) to larger sizes, which our square picture frame range can accommodate a variety of sizes. We suggest buying online from Profile and ensuring you purchase the same size photo frames to match the display above. You can also increase the number of frame rows if you have a wall space that allows for more photo frames.

If you would like any assistance, please contact our friendly Customer Service team.

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Posted By
Janet - 09.05.13

What a great idea- I am definitely going to go with it; so simple and yet so stylish. It is just want I have been looking for!!

Posted By
Salina - 26.06.13

It looks really great! Which Size of The frames did you use?

Posted By
Profile Customer Care - 11.07.13

Hi Salina, To create a display to match the photograph above, we suggest the 10420 Deluxe Black Square 8x8inch with a 5x5inch photo opening. The item code is 80317UWUW and they have an RRP of $23.95. A helpful tip - make sure when you print your photo, ensure that you keep the black border (created using the instagram software or app) so it matches the look and appearance of the photo above. Hope this helps! best wishes, The Profile Customer Care team

Posted By
Hayley - 10.03.14

I love your frames! I’m interested in buying various in large-ish quantities; would this have to be through wholesale or is it possible to order as a general customer but maybe get a discount...? :)

Posted By
Profile Customer Care - 27.05.14

Hi Hayley, Thanks for your compliment! We love our photo frames too :) For large quantity bulk orders, we suggest you register as a wholesale customer or alternatively contact us via [email protected] and we can arrange everything for you. Best wishes, the Profile Customer Care Team

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